Baby Doll | Pale Pink & Black Dash


Skin Tone

These First Baby Dolls are intentionally designed to facilitate maximum imagination and play. With early development in the forefront of our minds, we’ve created a doll that will allow young children aged 6 months and up the chance to grow their social and emotional skills. From fitting perfectly in little hands, to the weight of each doll, to the face. All the details have been researched, and handmade love poured into each stitch.

We will soon be launching an accessory range for our Baby Dolls soon that includes a self-swaddling blanket (it will be available as a pattern too).

Materials & Care


These Baby Dolls are handcrafted from premium 100% cotton, which is carefully selected from small Canadian fabric stores, and chosen for their beauty and safety. Each baby features a hand embroidered face, designed to allow a child’s imagination to bloom, letting them easily imagine a range of emotions for their dolly.

The babies measure approximately 7” tall and our firmly hand-stuffed to create a long -lasting heirloom. We use 100% new hypoallergenic poly fibre made in Canada to create the perfect light weight, firm, yet with a hint of squish, doll for this age category. Then we hand-stitch each baby closed.


Machine wash on a cold, gentle cycle. Tumble dry at low heat.


Supervised play required for children under three years of age.