Copy of Heirloom Bunny Doll 17" | Extra Bunny


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Please note that this bunny is my original style of bunny. She was created to show the directions for the new pattern releasing soon. As such her arms are hand stitched on, not machine stitched. That is why she is priced lower. 


Our animal line of dolls makes for wonderful, open ended play. With a simple act of a clothing change, they can be anything and anyone. Let those imaginations soar! These bunnies will fit the 17" doll clothes and accessories.

Materials & Care


These Bunny Rabbits are handcrafted from Essex Linen, chosen for its durability, texture, and ability to hide stains.All internal seams are reinforced, and all limbs are attached with a triple strength stitch because let's face it, those limbs get tugged and loved pretty hard. The bunnies faces are hand embroidered, and no two are ever exactly the same. Each rabbit has boucle ears, carefully chosen to be soothing to rub and cuddle at night, to help with night time anxiety. This bunny comes in our Sand colour linen and wears a removable linen Flutter Sleeve Dress (fully finished seams with a velcro back closure). They are firmly stuffed with hypo-allergenic poly fibre made in Canada.


Dolls can be placed in a tied pillowcase and laundered on a cold gentle cycle and laid flat to dry. To prolong the life of the doll I recommend spot clean only. 


Ages three and up. Adult supervision recommended.