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One-of-a-Kind hand embroidered linens making each bunny truly unique.

Materials & Care


Handcrafted from start to finish, these Essex linen bunnies have love stitched into each seam. Linen combined with reclaimed embroidered fabric brings the old together with the new to create a truly unique heirloom. We’ve chosen an Essex linen for our bunnies that is naturally stain resistant and durable enough for our heirlooms., and a washed linen in their inner ears. These are sewn with double seams and feature a free-hand embroidered face.

They are firmly stuffed with 100% poly fibre that is made in Canada and then hand stitched closed. They measure approximately 7” tall plus their ears.


Spot clean recommended. If you need a deep clean, place the bunny in a tied pillowcase or garment washing bag and wash on a gold gentle cycle. Lay flat to dry.


Adult supervision required for children under three years of age.