Heirloom Doll 17" | MYSTERY LISTING

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Every year, since I began making dolls I have offered Velveteen Rabbits. Unfortunately this year finding a good quality cotton velvet was too hard. Luckily I had enough cotton velveteen (imported from England) to make one last bunny. I chose to craft it using my new 'chubby pattern'. It comes clothing is a beautiful cotton lawn remnant from Next and Nurture. It's approximately 12" tall. Velveteen can be a bit more fragile, so gentle play for over three years of age is strongly recommended. 


This bunny are handcrafted from cotton velvet imported from England and feature hand embroidered faces. They are firmly stuffed with hypo-allergenic poly fibre made in Canada and double (and triple) stitched for durability.


Spot clean only.


Ages three and up.