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Every child deserves a first best friend. One who opens their mind to imaginary places, allows them to develop nurturing hearts and one who will be there to comfort them when the world seems too much.

Just like our 17” dolls, these petite heirloom dolls have been intentionally handcrafted in much the same way, just with a younger audience in mind. We researched the needs and safety of children under three and are delighted to offer this new 12” size. Special attention to weight, size and function has created a doll we’re really hoping children love.

From their intentionally designed simple hand-embroidered faces to their linen and cotton silhouette, every detail has been researched and poured over. These dolls feature a minimalist aesthetic that allows your child's imagination to blossom. Having a neutral face lets children imagine more easily what emotions the doll can be experiencing.

For children in this age group, fine motor skills are still developing, and clothing needs to be simple and easy. Often they’ll practice those fine motor skills by undressing their dolls, which is why we’ve created toddler safe clothing. Our Capsule clothing line for Petite heirlooms features fully finished and serged seams, and only has enclosed elastic. It’s only these clothes that really serve to benefit your child. Our 12” Capsule wardrobe will soon be available with dresses in a multitude of colours and textures. 

In addition, we recognise that our heirlooms are an investment. We want to make sure we help you make it the best investment for your family. We offer additional clothing for the development of fine motor skills that has been designed to work for your child’s hands. 

We also have added the first Capsule Wardrobe 12" petite patterns to our offering, so you and your children can get creative together, have fun, and make the perfect unlimited wardrobe for your dolls! 


Materials & Care


Each doll in handcrafted start to finish, focusing on sustainability practices, durability and function. For more information on our hair materials please see Our Material Story section under the SUPPORT tab.

Our Petite Heirloom dolls stand approximately 12” tall. They are firmly hand-stuffed and shaped using 100% new hypoallergenic poly fibre that is made in Canada. They have been triple stitched at the arms, and triple stitched closed for maximum durability.

This girl is our light skin tone with blonde hair and water colour cheeks.


Dolls can be placed in a tied pillowcase and laundered on a cold gentle cycle and laid flat to dry. To prolong the life of the doll I recommend spot clean.


Ages one and up. Parent supervision is required at all times.