Petite Heirloom Doll 12" | Elephant Julia

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Julia loves to lay in bed and giggle at silly things that her imagination holds, and she'd love a friend to share those funny moments! She can get nervous of mice and will need a friend to protect her. In return she will invite you for tea parties and serve you the best macaroons (she got the recipe in Paris!). 

Materials & Care


Our Elephants are approximately 12” tall and crafted from Essex linen.  All seams are double stitched for durability, and arm and leg seams are triple stitched. Each elephant is then hand embroidered with a strong cotton thread. They are hand stuffed and shaped using 100% hypoallergenic ploy fibre made in Canada.


Elephants can be machine washed on a cold gentle cycle in a special garment bag. However, I highly recommend spot clean only.  


For ages three and up. Small parts (ears) can pose a choking hazard.