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Did you ever daydream about galloping through open meadows or want a horse so bad you could smell the leather of the saddle or the sweetness of the hay? I did. It was years before my dream was realized, but horses have been such a big part of my life. I knew I wanted to create an original design, an embodiment of that part of my childhood.

While these are intended for three years and up, they make beautiful nursery shelf décor, adding a hint of vintage and a touch of bohemian feeling.

Materials & Care


These ponies are handcrafted start to finish. They are made with an imported Japanese fabric, which provides a slightly grippy texture. All seams are double stitched for durability. Their manes and tails are triple sewn into their bodies and hand stitched into place. The manes are created from a mix of reclaimed thrifted yarns.


Spot clean only.


Due to the yarn hair, these heirlooms are for children three years and up. For younger children I recommend braiding the tail to keep it looking nicer for longer.