Story Doll™ | Elle 4


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Every child deserves a best friend. One who keeps secrets, invites them to worlds that only reside in their imagination, and one who will be there to comfort them when the world seems too much.

From their intentionally designed simple hand-embroidered faces to their linen and cotton silhouette, every detail has been researched and poured over. These dolls feature a minimalist aesthetic that allows your child's imagination to blossom. Having a neutral face on the doll lets children imagine more easily what emotions the doll can be experiencing, allowing them to work through different emotional and social development occurring in their worlds.

Being a professional writer, I love the power of words and the meaning they can give. Each doll will arrive with a Story card that has their name, birth date, and a brief story of who they are. These details are meant to encourage excitement and a bond for your child and their new doll.

Elle's birthday is May 23rd. She loves autumn and all the fun times it brings her, like raking up the leaves with her father and jumping in the pile afterwards. She loves living in her city, especially if she's exploring it on her bike she nicknamed Pinky.

In addition, we recognise that our heirlooms are an investment. We want to make sure we help you make it the best investment for your family. We offer additional clothing for the development of fine motor skills that has been designed to work for your child’s hands. We also offer free colouring pages with each purchase, and every month we will announce an activity you can do together with your doll. If you document it with a photo on Instagram, hashtag #fablekidsadventures. Let's build a community and encourage each other to have fun, enjoy these dolls, and build those memories.

Materials & Care


Each doll in handcrafted start to finish, focusing on sustainability practices, durability and function. They are made from a premium cotton with linen on the back and front of the head for hair. This is the option I recommend for children between two and three years of age. For ages three and up, I offer customization and choice of our Nepalese handmade wool felt buns or a selection of yarn hair. For more information on our hair materials please see Our Material Story section under the SUPPORT tab.

Our Original Collection Semi-Custom Story Dolls™ stand approximately 17” tall. They are firmly hand-stuffed and shaped using 100% new hypoallergenic poly fibre that is made in Canada. They have been triple stitched at the arms, and triple stitched closed for maximum durability.

Elle comes with a linen flutter dress, which is fully finished, and a hand-tied stretch head wrap. 

Each doll we make is handmade. The nature of handmade means that no two dolls are exactly a like. Please allow for minor variations.


Dolls with the simple linen hair only can be placed in a tied pillowcase and laundered on a cold gentle cycle and laid flat to dry. To prolong the life of the doll I recommend spot clean. Dolls with hair are spot clean only.


Yarn Hair is for three and up. Supervised play required for children under three years of age.