Sewing Patterns


Ethical Heirloom Dolls

Intentionally designed heirlooms handmade with sustainability, quality and beauty in mind. Our dolls are made with earth friendly linen and cotton, reclaimed fibers and materials purchased from small Canadian shops.

Our dolls are an investment in a simple childhood, while helping to create a sustainable future for our children to inherit.


Sewing Patterns

We understand there are so many creative parents and grandparents who love to sew, or who would love to sew. We've created beginner friendly patterns so you can save money, and make the perfect Capsule wardrobe for your Fable Kids doll. Repurpose sentimental fabrics or outgrown clothes. Make something that your children will love! Dust off that sewing machine, and get creative.

We also have a growing section of beginner friendly doll patterns too!

The journey with Fable Kids Handmade started for my family when I purchased a doll from Amy for my daughter for her to receive when my son was born as a gift from him. When we received the doll, a beautiful and magical fairy with pink hair, a gorgeous lace skirt, and majestic wings, we were in awe and instantly hooked on these elegant creations clearly made with care, passion, and love!

We love Fable kids and will continue to buy these treasures from Amy as long as she continues to create them! Thank you for becoming such an important part of our family!
— Kelsey S.
My one year-old absolutely loves her heirloom birthday doll! She is so lovely and came with the sweetest story and outfit. While there was an issue with an accessory, Amy was so quick to respond and fix it - I really appreciate the care and effort she puts into each and every doll she makes. I know my daughter will be able to play with her doll for years to come and love that she'll be learning and practicing so many important skills along the way.
— Adrianna M.