Bringing in the new year with hope!

January 2021 | Written by: Amy Shelling, Owner of Fable Kids Handmade

Here is the first #fablekidsactivity. We hope this monthly series of activities helps strengthen the bond between your child and their doll. Most importantly, my hope is that it gives you and your child a moment each month to spend time together, making a little memory that might leave a lasting impression on their heart. Life is in those small moments! These activities require a small time commitment and make use of common items. So turn those dolls into heirlooms by infusing them with experience and presence.

Since this year has brought challenges to everyone, I thought it would be a great idea to spread some hope. This month’s activity will be about finding the colour, joy, and gratitude in the little things we already have. Grab your favourite Fable Kids doll and head indoors or out and build those rainbows using everyday items!

My girls loved the treasure hunt for colour. It shook off the winter doldrums. Each of them picked their favourite doll to hold while choosing the everyday items we had. It was a great half hour spent with my children, finding the rainbow that already existed in our home. And it led to time spent dressing and playing with thier dolls.

So let’s see those rainbows. Tag #fablekidsactivity on Instagram or post your photos in the Fable Kids Community Group on Facebook. My girls and I can’t wait to see what your rainbows look like. Each month we’ll choose one tagged photo to share at the end of the month (with your permission of course!).

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