Play-Silk Stuffy Carrier

Sue's daughter is wearing a navy blue dress with orange carrots and red beets pattern. She is wearing an orange-coloured silk as a baby sling with a brown heirloom bunny doll tucked inside.

March 2021 | Written by: Sue Thompson of

The quickest way to get my littles out the door is by telling them they can bring along a favorite stuffy friend. The only down side being that these tag-alongs often end up getting dropped or left behind in our travels. I can’t even count the times we have retraced our steps to rescue a runaway pal. I would remember thinking, if only they could pop them into a carrier like I did when my babies tried to flee. I then stopped in my tracks, I grabbed one of their play silks, tied it into sling-style carrier and we’ve never looked back!

We kept it very simple with a quick fold of the silk and tie behind their backs, creating a sort of pocket for the doll to sit in.What I didn’t realize initially was the deep sense of comfort a child can gain from having a beloved stuffy tucked in close. My children have worn their stuffies to doctor’s and dentist’s appointments and their level of anxiety was incredibly diminished. Adults will often comment on their baby wearing skills and this quickly breaks the ice for otherwise shy children.The nearby friend also encourages imaginative play at times, such as car rides or running errands, when they normally would be looking for entertainment.

Of course the greatest perk is that our favorite bedtime plushy pals never go missing during our adventures away from home. I hope you will give this a try and enjoy seeing your children light up as they enjoy a whole new way of playing with their beloved stuffy friend.

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