Host a Tea Party!

February 2021 | Written by: Amy Shelling, Owner of Fable Kids Handmade

It’s time for the second #fablekidsactivity!

When you were young, did you like hosting tea parties? I had a little blue and white plastic set that I loved. My mom would bring it out on special play dates, and encouraged me to dress up in my favourite dress. As much as I was a tomboy (I lived to be outside), I could never say no to a good dress and a good tea party! I particularly requested a woven hat and a set of white gloves (my mother has joked about me being my great grandmother reincarnated). And honestly, not much has changed.

Tea parties aren’t only fun, and part of childhood, they are complex play that benefits emotional, social and cognitive development!

Here are some conversation prompts for you to ask your children:

  1. Are there any guests?

  2. Where will everyone sit? Is it a picnic or is there a table?

  3. What utensils will be used?

  4. Where are we hosting the tea part (a forest, a cafe, home, etc)?

  5. Should we bake anything before hand (real or imaginative)?

  6. Should we create and write name holders?

  7. Is your doll old enough for tea or does she need feeding?

  8. What flavour of tea do you think Dolly likes best?

This activity can be as involved or as casual as you’d like it. Bring out the special cups for older kids, or use your toy set for your younger babes. It’ll be a lot of fun, whether you’re outside in the forest drinking pine cone tea with squirrels telling jokes over raspberry scones or whether your in your fanciest dress drinking tea with the Queen of England, pinkies in the air. Have fun. The places your child’s imagination will take you won’t only be a memory for them, but for you.

So let’s see those tea parties. Bonus marks for sneaking in some of the colour red (strawberries, jam, a snazzy bow!). Tag #fablekidsactivity on Instagram or post your photos in the Fable Kids Community Group on Facebook. Each month we’ll choose one tagged photo to share at the end of the month (with your permission of course!).

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