What is the release date and time?

March 1st, 2021 | 7pm PST

When will the website be in preview mode?

A preview of the website to view the heirloom dolls that will be available (minus the mystery listings which are one-of-a-kind and only visible at the time of launch) on Sunday, February 28th, at 5pm PST.

The website will be password protected on Monday, March 1st at 2pm PST so that final preparations can be made.

Anyone who makes a purchase with Brim Shoppe as part of the collaboration will be given early access via a password upon order completion to shop only the collaboration heirloom dolls until half an hour before the release.

Full website access will be available at 8pm PST on March 1st for all heirloom dolls and doll clothing, including collaboration dolls and mystery listings.

When will the next release be?

There will be a release of Heirloom Boy dolls and doll clothing hopefully near the end of March. The next full heirloom doll release will be in May 2021.

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Am I able to combine my orders?

Yes - we will automatically combine orders as long as the name of the person who ordered, the mailing address, and the email address match. If you have someone ordering for you, please send us an email so we know which orders to combine.

How do semi-custom dolls work?

For the sake of ensuring that our team can handle the workload, each semi-custom doll will come with a set outfit and customizable hair options. There are three hair options available: linen hair, linen hair with felt buns, and yarn hair.

Linen hair will just be the doll as-is, with no additional small parts, making this a perfect soft doll for ages 1 and up.

Linen hair with felt buns will be an additional $10 charge and up to 10 additional business days before your order will be shipped. Felt buns will be in coordinating colours (i.e. you will not be able to select different coloured buns with your linen hair, they will be the same - black linen hair with black buns).

Yarn hair will be an additional charge of $15 and up to 10 additional business days before your order will be shipped. It comes in two varieties: straight and curly.
You will be able to select if you’d like straight or curly hair for your heirloom doll.

Do clothes come on the dolls? Are clothes available separately?

The picture you will see of each doll in the preview is what the doll will be wearing when you receive your order. Separate doll clothing will be available for purchase.

Our team is hoping to have another release of doll clothing near the end of March.

What are the general prices of the dolls?

There is a huge range for pricing! It starts at $28 CAD and goes up to $155 CAD. This all depends on the type and size of the doll, as well as the amount of complexity and materials included in the design.

When the preview is live, you will be able to see the prices of all dolls (except the mystery listings).

When will sewing patterns be available?

The Snuggle Bunny Mama & Mini Set and the Bunny Travel Set sewing patterns will be available for purchase on March 1st.

We currently have the Snuggle Mama & Mini set and the Heirloom Dolls (17") Capsule Wardrobe One available for purchase.

More sewing patterns to come!

What are your shipping costs?

Shipping Options for Canada

  • Letter Mail Shipping via Canada Post (Untracked & Uninsured)
    • $5 CAD *doll clothing only*
  • Parcel Shipping via Canada Post (Tracked & Insured)
    • $14 CAD for orders up to $97 CAD
    • $20 CAD for orders $98+ CAD
    • Free Domestic Shipping for orders over $299 CAD

Shipping Options for the USA

  • Small Packet USA Air via USPS (Untracked & Uninsured)
    • $7 CAD *doll clothing only*
    • $12 CAD for orders under $55
  • Tracked Parcel USA Airmail via USPS (Tracked & Insured)
    • $15 CAD for orders up to $97 CAD
    • $20 CAD for orders $98+ CAD

Shipping Options for International

  • International Air Shipping via Canada Post (Tracked & Insured)
    • $40 CAD Flat Rate

See our Shipping Policy for more details.

Is local pick up available?

Local Pick Up will be available for you to select at check out.


If you select this option and are not able to pick up, you will be invoiced for the correct shipping amount and your order will not be sent out until it is paid in full.

Is it first come, first served? Can something be taken out of my cart?

Shopify does not place holds on carts, so yes things can be removed from your cart if someone else checks out first. We highly encourage you to set up Shop Pay and download the app to your phone. You can also create a FKH customer account by going to our homepage and looking for the little person icon where you save your shipping information.

Payment Methods Available:

  • VISA
  • MasterCard
  • AMEX
  • Shop Pay
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • PayPal

Typically, checking out with a credit card (or Shop Pay, if you have it set up), is the fastest way to secure you purchase. You will know your items are secured once you receive the email notification that your order has been completed.

For any further questions not answered, please send us an email at fablekidshandmade@gmail.com.