Breathing life into every doll she makes, Amy is the heart of Fable Kids Handmade. She lies awake at night dreaming up new things for your children and her own to enjoy. She is a published writer, who until this release, has spent hours crafting stories for each of the heirloom dolls that explore the world with your little ones.

When she is not in a sewing frenzy or planning out her next collection, she is tending to her new little family of chickens, spending a hazy slow night watching her children play in her backyard, diving into her imagination, deep in the belly of good books, getting lost into the rhythm of s good song, or finding a minute to watch a black and white movie or foreign film with her husband.

Her dreams for Fable Kids Handmade are endless. You can expect to see some exciting things in the year to come!



Heidi is the web developer behind Creating Magic Online. She lives in Ontario with her husband Derek and their three children - Eleanor, Henry, and Gwendolynne. You can often find her with a cup of coffee in hand chasing down her kids while simultaneously planning out the FKH calendar and dreaming of her next sewing project.