Story Doll™ | Otto Owl


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As a child I had a fear of the dark. My imagination was too big, and it led to so many late nights, tears and tired mornings. So I understood, all too well, the insecurity the dark brings as my own children experience it without fail. These owls were designed to provide comfort and cuddles in an attempt to navigate that well known childhood fear.

Materials & Care


Each Story Doll™ Otto Owl is handcrafted, start to finish. We have chosen a premium Essex linen for its durability, natural stain resistance and antibacterial properties. This linen has nature slubs for an added vintage texture.

All seams are double stitched for strength. The soft, fluffy Luxe minky wings are hand sewn onto the bodies, and add a lovely soothing texture for little hands to stroke in times when they need extra comfort.

Every owl features reclaimed wool-blend yarn ear tufts and is hand embroidered. I free hand embroider, which means no two are exactly the same. As I started to make these, a strange thing happened. I noticed throughout my practice, things happened in sevens, a lucky number in some cultures, and after I had embroidered dozens of owls, I noticed they all had seven ‘feathers’. I’ve decided to embrace the luck, ensuring every owl has seven embroidered feathers, because who couldn’t use a little luck.


Spot clean recommended. However, if you really need a deep clean, place the owl in a garment bag and place in a cold gentle wash and hang in the sun to dry. The minky fibres on the wings might clump Gently brush to fluff them up.


For ages 1 and up under adult supervision.