Mouse Lovey | Icelandic Blue


Were you lucky enough to have a quilt made by your Grandma that had been washed so many times it was as soft as butter? Me either, but my older sister did, and I stole it and loved it. Well, these loveys remind me of that well-worn, loved, softness.

These loveys are handcrafted from start to finish. We carefully selected a variety of rich, safe, textures to encourage and promote sensory development.

Materials & Care


Jacquard Cotton: This quilted cotton is 100% BCI grown (Better Cotton Initiative).

Linen: This reclaimed linen is so soft. It was in immaculate condition, washed in a scent-free, eco-friendly detergent, and machine tumble dried.

We also use an Essex linen (cotton/linen blend), chosen for its durability, natural stain resistance and antibacterial properties. For more information on our materials, head to our Materials page.

We make sure seams are serged or double, even quadruple stitched in spots, on our loveys. They feature a minimalist aesthetic, and each have a hand embroidered face. Our lovey heads are firmly stuffed with 100% new hypoallergenic poly fibre made in Canada. They are hand sewn closed. They measure approximately 12” square.


Place the lovey in a garment bag or pillowcase. Machine launder on a cold gentle cycle. You can machine dry them but to extend their life I recommend drying them flat on a flat surface out of the light. Light will cause the fading to the jacquard cotton.


Supervised play for children under three. These are not for sleep. The American Academy of Pediatrics states that babies should not have any soft furnishings such as toys or blankets in their sleeping space as it poses a suffocation risk. Only use or loveys under parent supervision.